If you’re considering selling your house, curb appeal is crucial. Good landscaping not only beautifies your home, but also increases its value. Depending on your area, a well-planned lawn and garden can increase your home’s worth by as much as 28%. Even if you’re not planning to move, garden design is an investment in your home. Though it might take a few years to reap full benefits as plantings mature, think of it as a venture that grows over time.

Professional Landscaping

Design sophistication is key when enhancing your property. Find landscape architects whose work you admire, and interview several before making a decision. An architect or designer will also ask you questions, including how much maintenance you’re willing to do. For best results, hire a landscape architect in the winter, so that the design is ready by spring and work can get underway.

Your landscape architect works with contractors and can recommend suitable people for large projects, such as earth moving. For an additional fee, your architect’s firm can supervise the plantings by a landscape contractor. That’s money well spent to ensure all plantings are installed correctly.

It’s important that your design plans are appropriate for your home. Some garden projects suit most properties, while others may look out of place. Select a design that is cohesive with and enhances your home’s architectural style. For best results, include a mix of trees, native plants, and flowers.


Trees do more than improve the look of your property. Well-placed trees help cool the house in warm weather, reducing energy bills. Their roots aid in preventing storm-water runoff and subsequent pooling. Aesthetically, one or two large specimen or shade trees on the front lawn of a typical suburban home add the most curb appeal. Another option for homes with large road frontage is a tree line consisting of several tall deciduous trees, along with complementary fencing.


Nothing accents your home like colourful annuals or perennials in your flowerbeds. Just viewing flowers lifts the spirits, and gives homeowners and potential buyers a good feeling. Potted flowering plants brighten entranceways, and you can take them with you if you’re moving.

Native Plants

Choosing native plants for your garden means you’ll have a lovely design with minimal upkeep. That’s because these plants thrive in the soil and climate of your region. They’re also a source of food and shelter for the native birds and wildlife. This way, you’re not only updating your garden, but also helping the environment.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. While your local garden centre may have perfectly acceptable flowering plants, a reputable nursery will provide the best options for trees and shrubbery, which when professionally planted, will ensure maximum longevity.

Maximize Aesthetic Value

The right garden and landscaping design can downplay some of your home’s shortcomings. Hedges are an attractive way to shield your property’s boundaries and add privacy. If you live on a busy road, certain plantings can help reduce noise levels. Your landscape designer can devise the best ways to minimize any issues with your particular property.

This article was originally posted on June 30, 2016, and was updated on January 27, 2020. 

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