Harmony and order are the hallmarks of a truly peaceful bedroom. Whether you enjoy sipping your coffee in bed or relaxing with a book at the end of the day, your bedroom is the perfect place to slow down and sink in. If you prefer the clean lines and smooth surfaces of modern homes, look no further than these five tips for turning your existing bedroom into an oasis of calm.

Consider Proportions

A fundamental step for all décor—and modern especially—is gauging the room’s existing footprint, and designing accordingly. A large master bedroom, for instance, will require the coordination of the room’s zones—such as sitting area, study space, and storage—to avoid clutter. Crowding is the antithesis to modern design.

For square rooms, it’s accepted practice to place the bed on the central axis; for rectangular floor plans, dividing the room and placing the bed in a designated section can make the layout feel deliberate. No matter the room’s size, try to leave equal space on either side of the bed to create a sense of breathing room. Maximize smaller spaces with light bedding in luxury fabrics.

Choose Clean, Structural Fixtures

Most of us use our bedrooms to recharge and restore. A cluttered or overly-busy room can interfere with that desired tranquility. To achieve visual balance, flank the bed with nightstands: opt for simple pieces that can hold a lamp, reading glasses, and a bedside book, but don’t have the surface area to accumulate random objects. Your bedside units can be complementary rather than identical, as long as they are clean-lined and unadorned.

Indeed, less is more when choosing other furniture to include in a bedroom. A bench at the foot of the bed or comfortable chair in a nook can enhance a room’s ability to help you unwind and relax. Make sure that you don’t over-complicate your bedroom’s function by adding unnecessary elements simply to fill up space.

Mix Masculine and Feminine Influences

While every room can benefit from an infusion of personality, modern bedrooms know how to balance masculine and feminine elements in order to celebrate simplicity. Masculine details involve darker colours, crisp lines, and rich materials such as wood or leather; feminine spaces feature soft textures and lighter colours. Combining these two palettes can be key to designing a modern bedroom: choose neutral tones and enliven them with plush throws, metallic light fixtures, and geometric woods. Accent colours can keep a space from feeling lifeless, just be sure to choose carefully.

Treat the Windows

Whether your bedroom features glass-panelled doors that open onto a courtyard or windows that look over a cityscape, it’s essential to consider the light your room receives and how to dress windows for modern success. Adhere to your style goals by incorporating horizontal and vertical lines in your curtains or blinds, and eschew curving patterns. Bring in natural materials through wooden Venetians or hang linen for added visual warmth. Light fabrics that frame the view work well, and can blend with whitewashed walls.

Choose an Attractive Headboard

Especially against the lighter tones of the modern aesthetic, headboards can provide an anchor for both your bed and the wall behind. Take your bedroom’s layout into consideration: accentuate soaring ceilings with taller profiles, or pair lower overheads with slimmer frames. Platform beds with slatted headboards can add airiness to your sleep space, while materials like walnut and oak can bring the natural world indoors. Upholstered headboards have been growing in popularity; leverage linen and woven blends for a texture boost. A well-chosen headboard can keep your space from feeling empty, and can unify your styling efforts.

Driving towards light colours, clean lines, and no-fuss furnishings will ensure your bedroom turns up modern. Whether you’re adding a splash or going all in, the tenets of modern décor will serve you well in designing a calm refuge to meet all of your retreating needs.

Consider these luxury modern homes for further inspiration, or take your cues from a variety of bedroom layouts before taking the décor plunge.

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