Clutter is far from conducive to calm, luxurious living. Instead, strike harmony with the proverbial « place for everything and everything in its place. » Storage has suffered a bad reputation in the past—plastic bins, haphazard shelves, and crowded wardrobes do little to inspire the sophisticated homeowner. Fortunately, modern design lends itself well to thinking outside the box. These six homes offer well-curated and practical solutions to any storage woe.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Clunky cupboards can ruin the zen of any home, and sometimes the best solution can be to hide them in plain sight. Butler’s pantries, walk-in wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets can be turned from utilitarian eyesores to stylish statements when executed in high-quality finishings. This home in Victoria features antique marble countertops and monochromatic cabinet facings to create a sense of organizational unity. Pocket doors and Murphy beds ensure that this home’s beautiful rooms don’t sacrifice on space or feel hemmed in.

Mix and Match

Take a bold approach to innovative storage solutions by turning the tables and making them a daring design feature. This fanciful kitchen in Vaughn, Ontario doesn’t shy away from storage, opting instead for an eclectic mix of grains and colours to lift its look. French country whites are paired with darker grains and given an added dash of whimsy courtesy of fairytale wall design and sculptural chandeliers. The overall effect is one of artistic charm—and a reminder to think outside the box rather than conform to one-size-fits-all storage.

Embrace the Space

Instead of trying to seamlessly blend storage solutions, simply opt to embrace them. This beautifully-tailored family home in Toronto has dedicated an entire room to storage without succumbing to the chaos that can come with extra space. A unity of matching doors, soothing whites, recessed lighting, and a floating island bring an atmosphere of breathe-deep relief to a space that could have easily been overlooked or given away to something else.

Bespoke Beds

Make the most of your slumber by choosing crafted furnishings that deliver dual functionality. This bedroom in Quebec abounds with regal chalet charm, and a closer look at the carved bed showcases plenty of storage space worked into the design. Not only does the bed boast drawers for stashing linens, clothes, and other goods, but the clever built-in crescent table at the foot takes functionality to a whole new level.

Practical Ledges

Your home is probably already brimming with secret storage space you never even considered. Take a leaf from this lakeside home in BC, where the natural beams have been repurposed as extra shelving. By using natural ledges in your home to store statement ornaments, brightly-bound books, or flowing green houseplants, you can instantly add natural warmth to your existing décor.

Walls of Wood

Open shelving, particularly in kitchen spaces, is a rising trend in today’s homes, lending a youthful vibrancy to traditional spaces. Inspiration abounds in this beautifully-balanced home in Quebec with its countryfied yet modern kitchen. Natural elements of concrete, glass, wood, and exposed brick all highlight a space curated for long, lingering dinner parties where everything is within easy reach. The shelves that wrap around the fridge reinforce the idea that no space has gone to waste.

In the well-planned home, storage doesn’t have to be a bore. With a creative approach, functional design can deliver the delights of modern living without the need to drown in clutter.

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