The home is a place for resting, socializing, working, and recreating, and each aspect of life deserves its own thoughtful approach to design. For creative homeowners, a functional and uplifting creative space is just as important as a comfortable living room or state-of-the-art kitchen. Whether you’re a musician, a painter, a sculptor, or an amateur artisan with a need for space, setting up a creative space can be an art project in itself.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to artists’ space. Here are four interior details that make space for your creative pursuits.

Musical Inspiration to Share

Creativity doesn’t have to be an independent pursuit. Encourage everyone in your household’s creativity in a light-filled shared space infused with sources of musical inspiration. Laying different instruments side-by-side allows for musical collaboration while having easy access to playing musical classics in the home is sure to inspire creativity in other forms.

Creative Fuel When Working From Home

Exercising your creativity and exploring those passions in your free time can influence your professional work. While it’s important to have space for when you work from home, it’s also important to save some space for your creative pursuits. Keep an easel and other tools by your side for creative work breaks. Having a creative outlet will relieve stress and get you back to work feeling more creative with decision making and resolving challenges.

Private and Sound-Proof Spaces for Maximum Creativity

Lack of privacy and concern of disrupting others can prevent us from fully indulging and exploring our creativity. If you want to kick your creative musical pursuits up a notch, consider a private, sound-proof space. Hard surfaces, such as tile, drywall, and hardwood flooring reflect and amplify sounds. In contrast, soft surfaces absorb sounds and actually make rooms much quieter. You can DIY a sound-proof room by covering walls with thick blankets, tapestries, quilts, or foam padding. When sourcing a soft material, remember that thicker ones absorb sound more effectively. If you plan on recording your music and doing some post-production work, ensure that you keep a designated computer space in the room for ease.

Natural Wonders for Inspiration

Nothing is more inspiring than a room with a view. And not just any view, but a view of earth’s natural gifts. Whether it’s an ocean or lake view, a scenic woodsy mountain, or a stretching field of green, surrounding yourself with nature provides clarity and calmness needed to inspire creativity. Added bonuses are the natural sounds and lighting that come with a view. Place comfortable seating nearby that will allow for prolonged seating while you sketch the earthly wonders around you.

If your art practice is as integral to your life as cooking or good conversation, establishing a space in your home in which to fully pursue that practice is essential. Bring your visions to life in a space that works for you, and stretches you to capture the worlds outside your walls.

This article was published on January 4, 2022. This article was originally published on Sotheby’s International Realty’s Extraordinary Living Blog, and has been adapted for Sotheby’s International Realty Canada’s Insight Blog. 

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