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An unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and connection with my clients are the values I will steadfastly uphold, now and always.

Helping clients go above and beyond. With the solid investment experience in three continentals, Kingsley’s real estate service provides you a unique powerful edge.

Kingsley Qin was born in China, lived in Australia for eight years and has lived in the Greater Toronto Area since 1997. He is respected in the real estate industry and society, passionate with industry developments and refines his skills on an ongoing basis. His mark is to get job done right.

The most important barometer of success lies in the fact that his past and present clients continue to show their appreciation by referring their friends and families to him, and by relying on him again and again for service and advice.

"For it is not merely my job to serve, but a privilege, an honour. And in the end, I take as great a sense of satisfaction in delivering service as the client takes in receiving it."


具有三大洲的丰富体投资经验,秦琦的房地产服务为您提供了 独特地强大优势。

出生在中国,秦琦在澳大利亚生活了八年,从1997年以来居住在大多伦多地区,在房地产行业和 社会中,他被受推崇。对地产行业的发展充满激情,他不断地精炼技能。他服务的标志是正确地 为委托人完成工作。

秦琦的成功体现于,他的过去和现在的客户不仅继续不断地将他介绍给他们的朋友和家人,并且 一次又一次地依靠他的服务和咨询,来满足他们对地产需要。

“对每一个被邀请参与的机会,我都无比恭敬的为委托人争取最大的利益而提供优质的服务和优异 的结果”。

Langue(s): English, Mandarin, Shanghainese


  • “Kingsley Qin was our real estate agent in the sale of our house and the purchase of our condominium. It had been a very long time since we participated in the real estate market and were anxious about doing [...]

    - Ron and Judy Kwick

  • “Kingsley’s marketing strategies such as the phone hotline, full coloured, detailed home info sheets, and unique open houses were very effective. We appreciated the daily feedback we received from Kingsley regarding showings of our home. Due to all of the [...]

    - Andrea & Carson Van Vliet

  • “Kingsley Qin has the experience we were looking for.” We have lived in Richmond Hill for years and finally decided it was time to move to Calgary. It was obvious that we needed a real estate agent with an expertise [...]

    - Colin & Marie

  • “My wife and I hired Kingsely in the Spring of 2012 to act as our buying/selling representative. Through and throughout we were impressed by Kingsely’s real-estate knowledge and overall professionalism. His advice went a long way in profiting from the [...]

    - Nilaye Thakrar

  • “We loved working with you. Your service is a wonderful example of what a real representatives should provide for their cleints: top notch service by very sincere, dedicated and knowledgeable professional who wants to do his job well. You [...]

    - Amir and Sehrish

  • “Your service and care goes far beyond the call of duty.”We would like to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you have done for us, but there are no words expressive enough to do justice to our feelings. [...]

    - Melanie & Mark Major

  • “You sold our home in 9 days, and found our dream home in 5 days . . . what more could we ask?! Moving is never an easy endeavor, but with Kingsley as our Realtor®, it was certainly a better [...]

    - Kristy & Lloyd Rothman

  • “Honestly, everything that you have done has been perfect and we thought you were absolutely perfect for our needs”. We would absolutely refer you to anyone who is looking for an agent because our experience with you has been fantastic [...]

    - Catherine Jarzmik and Karl Peternel

  • “I am a first time home buyer. Being a dentist by profession my extensive training taught me to ask the right questions and not to trust everything that’s said ... When my dad introduced me to Mr. Kingsley I was [...]

    - Mahwaesh Zaidi

  • Kingsley, what a pleasure it was to have you as our Real Estate Broker. Your professional manner and experience were paramount in the sale of our property. Your presentation and negotiating skills sold our home, supported by your website, [...]

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