Katie Aeby

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I am always amazed by the paths life can take us on if we are open to adventure. I thought I was going to be a journalist, and that’s how I started my career. But while doing a TV story in Hong Kong, I fell in love, got married, and for the next two decades lived in many of the world’s greatest hotels. I experienced life in Hong Kong, Hawaii, Washington, and Chicago in ways most people never see.

By the time I returned to my birthplace, Toronto, I had become a keen student of design, and my many moves made me realize that a “home” is much different from a “house”.

Today I love to help guide my clients through both the stress and exhilaration of changing their home. And my design skills have proven invaluable in helping them get the most value for their current home and seeing the possibilities that may not be obvious in a new one.

As I traveled the world, the one name that globally stood for “the best” in real estate to me was Sotheby’s. It is no surprise at all that my path brought me here. And I couldn’t be happier.


Katie Aeby

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