Jane Zhang

Courtier, Vice-président senior, Ventes647.401.0755 jzhang@sothebysrealty.ca

蘇富比豪宅 体验与赏鉴

Jane is the Senior Vice President of Sales in Sotheby's Canada. She has been a significant asset for our business organizations. Jane consistently links prominent individuals and families from all around the world to Sotheby's local affiliates. Luxury is an experience. Jane pursues and focuses on clients' experiences with Sotheby's brand essence. Through showcasing sophisticated style and deep understanding of new concepts of luxury, Jane and her clients together value finest estates and enjoy being connoisseurs of life. Jane provides unparalleled services and loyal guidance. Most importantly, Jane and her clients value trust and accountability in their outstanding achievements through long-term business relationships. Jane is known for exceeding client expectations with the highest level of integrity. Jane and her connections are involved in the community at many different scales. As a positive influence with a stellar reputation, Jane represents not only extraordinary properties but also extraordinary people.

Langue(s) English; Chinese 中文



  • Jane Zhang completely redefined what we thought a real estate agent could be. Jane is playing three dimension chess where the status quo play checkers. ...

  • We are very grateful to Jane and feel exceptionally lucky being represented by her on our house sale. We had previous experience with other agents, ...

  • Jane is the BEST realtor I have ever met. It was an absolutely great pleasure working with Jane on the recent sale of our homes, ...

  • Jane Zhang is one of a kind – if you are lucky enough to have her as your agent, then rest assured that all stars ...

  • 第一次推荐地产经纪. 有地产服务需求的各位,请您,帮您自己一个大忙,找Jane 聊聊. 熟人, 亲戚, 那没用的. 专业, 能力,为客户负责才是硬道理! 这位我们街上(sign call) 找来的经纪, 不客气得说,秒杀之前我们接触过的所有经纪...简而言之,如果我所有的房产需求从第一天就找了她的话,我今天可能资产翻倍(smile face). 请您一定,对您的房产负责,认真的去了解一下Jane Zhang!

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