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The province of Alberta is one of Canada’s rising economic and real estate stars. Over the past 20 years, its thriving oil sands, gas, mining and professional industries have propelled it ahead of all other Canadian provinces in terms of economic growth, and its strong economy has attracted new business capital, new residents and new real estate development alike. It’s no surprise that the Alberta real estate market is one of the most robust in North America.

Located in the heart of western Canada and bordered by the Canadian Rockies, Alberta is vast and varied, ranging from heavy forests and peat lands in the north, grasslands in the south, parkland and plains in the east, mountains and foothills along its western boundary and the energetic urban cities of Edmonton and Calgary at the province’s heart. 

While the Alberta’s natural landscape is undeniably beautiful, it is its economic landscape that has distinguished it among the Canadian provinces. Between 1991 and 2011, Alberta led the country in economic growth with an average annual GDP growth of 3.4% per year. In 2011, Alberta boasted the highest provincial economic growth rate at 5.2%, prompting private sector forecasts to predict that the province’s competitive tax environment, entrepreneurial business climate and robust oil, gas, machinery, metals, mining, scientific and professional industries, will forge a strong economy in the coming years.

It’s no wonder that insiders also predict that the Alberta real estate market will also remain robust. In fact, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation forecast that Alberta real estate is expected to outperform other Canadian real estate markets, including British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec in coming years. 

Whether you are looking for real estate in Calgary, real estate in Edmonton or real estate in one of the idyllic regions outside of these urban centres, such as Bighorn, Rocky View or the Rural Foothills— our real estate experts can help you discover the perfect  home.

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