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Located between Lake Muskoka and Gull Lake, Gravenhurst is widely known as "the Gateway to Muskoka". The diverse landscape of lakes, forests, and rocky shores have allured nature lovers, making Gravenhurst one of the most sought-after cottage destinations in Canada. Gravenhurst has a rich and colourful history. Lumbering and sawmills on Gull Lake and Lake Muskoka covered much of Gravenhurst Bay. Today, the Muskoka Wharf is buzzing with different activity. A scenic boardwalk traces the same shoreline. Along the way, enjoy a meal at one of many places that delight the palate. The wharf is anchored by the historic steamship cruise office at one end and the Muskoka Discovery Centre Museum at the other.

The Gravenhurst Opera House in Historic Downtown Gravenhurst, nestled in an area of unique shops and restaurants, has a century-long tradition of professional theatre and music entertainment. Public beaches are available for swimming, hiking and more. Treasure hunters will enjoy Gravenhurst’s arts, antiques and collectibles: Gravenhurst is home to artists' galleries and studios and shops specialize in everything from furniture and decor to great food and fashion.

Boating is a big tradition in Gravenhurst — it’s a great place to get out on the water to enjoy big lake boating or exploring one of the many smaller lakes. The colourful leaves, a thriving arts community, and a more relaxed pace attract autumn visitors. Winter is a time for pond hockey, winter carnival, snowmobiling and snowshoeing, or enjoying the indoors. Spring is time to get back on the water and onto the trails and explore the community.

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