Andy Taylor

Broker, Senior Vice President Sales, Broker

Cell : 416.994.2118
Bureau : 416.960.9995-6347
Sans-Frais : 1.877.960.9995
Fax : 416.960.3222
1867 Yonge Street, Suite 100,
Toronto, M4S 1Y5

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is one of the few able to claim that he has 'grown up' in the real estate business. He has been immersed in the sales, development and building of homes in Toronto, the Toronto area and cottage country for most of his 30+ years. Along with extensive knowledge of the business, Andy has acquired a passion for real estate, in particular, marketing homes for their unique character and helping people to find the right home for their stage in life.For Andy, both real estate sales and helping potential purchasers find a home require a certain characteristic, which he terms 'precision': the sifting of many alternatives to drill down to those best able to optimize client funds and time.

Langue(s): English/French


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