Alex Zhang


With previous architectural design and development experience, and academic background highlighted by his master’s degree in architecture from Carleton University, Alex Zhang has been dedicated himself to real estate industry for more than ten years, focusing high-end properties and large-scale projects.

Alex Zhang believes in living with art, style and culture; which perfectly works along with Sotheby’s philosophy. His architectural background gives him the unique and sophisticated vision to find, create and present the beauty of each home.

During his successful career in real estate, Alex Zhang has established extensive market network in Canada, China, and United States. He is looking forward to helping you step into a new level of real estate market, professionally, proudly, and globally.

張平(Alex)信仰生活需融入藝術,格調和文化;這與蘇富比的哲學完美契合。 他的建築領域背景使他擁有獨到而卓越的視角去發掘,創造和呈現每座房屋的美。
在他成功的房地產職業生涯中,張平(Alex)在加拿大,中國和美國建立了廣泛的市場網絡。 他期待著幫助您進入一個房地產市場的全新維度:高端專業,引以為豪,和國際視野。


Langue(s): English, Mandarin


Alex Zhang

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