Nova Scotia, often referred to as Canada’s ‘Education Province,’ boasts a remarkable concentration of academic institutions compared to its size. With ten universities, including six in the bustling capital of Halifax, here’s an overview of the top post-secondary schools in the region.

Dalhousie University

Established in 1818, Dalhousie University spans four campuses across Halifax and Truro, earning its reputation as Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university. It consistently ranks among the top 15 universities in Canada by Times Higher Education and stands as the 12th best Canadian university according to the QS World University Rankings. Dalhousie offers a diverse array of over 200 degree programs spread across 13 faculties, counting among its alumni 93 Rhodes Scholars, a Nobel laureate, and three former Canadian Prime Ministers.

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University (SMU) stands out as one of Canada’s premier primarily undergraduate universities, renowned for its innovative business and entrepreneurship programs. In the 2023 Maclean’s University Rankings, SMU claimed the third spot among undergraduate universities in Canada and holds the distinction of being Nova Scotia’s top-ranked institution. The university commits over $15 million to scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries, supporting student success. Additionally, SMU offers a mentorship program, pairing newcomers with Peer Success Coaches during their inaugural year of study.

Mount Saint Vincent University


Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) was founded by the Sisters of Charity and stands as one of the pioneering Canadian universities to enroll women, and the first to establish a Women’s Studies department. MSVU’s enduring commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice remains at its core. Despite a relatively modest student body of approximately 4,000, MSVU proudly hosts Atlantic Canada’s longest-standing and second-largest accredited co-operative education program.

NSCAD University


Boasting an illustrious alumni list, including internationally recognized singers/songwriters, architects, designers, and artists, NSCAD (Nova Scotia School of Art and Design) ranks among eastern Canada’s premier art institutions. With an intimate enrollment of about 1,000 students, NSCAD provides a hands-on learning experience where students actively engage with professors and peers. The university offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as several graduate-level programs and numerous extended studies and certificate options.

University of King’s College

With a cozy student population of under 1,000, the University of King’s College is celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach to education and excellence in journalism, humanities, and music programs. The unique Foundation Year Program enriches first-year undergraduate students by exposing them to a diverse range of subjects, including philosophy, history, drama, literature, natural and social sciences. King’s College maintains an association with Dalhousie University, allowing students to enroll in courses at both campuses and tailor their academic journey.

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