In this issue of Insight: The Art of Living™, we examine the concept of distance and proximity in this new era, and how it has been redefined across the worlds of art and design, culture and community, as well as architecture and real estate. Follow the Met’s “Surrealism Beyond Borders” exhibition, as it travels to Tate Modern in London this spring, and find out how the arts have re-envisioned Surrealism as a global movement that transcends geography, chronology and cultures. Meet Diséiye Thompson, whose bespoke evening wear straddles Nigerian culture and Thompson’s classical design training in Toronto. Rediscover the joy of travel, as we take you to Normandy to explore its historical ties to Quebec, and then off to Serbia to savour the delights of a burgeoning cultural scene and world-class wines.

Within these pages and at sothebysrealty.ca, join our Realtors® and learn how Canadians seeking more living space to reinforce connections with family and friends are influencing real-estate trends across the country. And gain privileged access to premier properties that will energize you to enhance your own space for bolstering your connections and the lifestyle you aspire to.



With this edition of Insight — “The Proximity Issue” — we offer inspiration as you build on those bonds and create new opportunities for new connections.


Don Kottick
President & CEO
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

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