The future has arrived.

Within barely a year and a half, Covid-19 propelled a wave of change that engulfed every aspect of everyday life, accelerating developments already underway in technology, business, culture and society. As the pandemic slowly recedes across this country, several of those changes will likely be long-lasting. The “future” that many of us had once envisioned is, in fact, here.

In this of Insight: The Art of Living™, we reveal the trends that shape the arts, design, architecture and culture, as well as real estate, in a post-pandemic era that is as optimism-driven as it is revolutionary. Learn about the art of buying NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and how the rise of the blockchain is transforming institutions as storied as our exclusive partner Sotheby’s, which was established in 1744 and is now the world’s most esteemed and innovative marketplace in the arts and luxury sectors. Connect with Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, acclaimed globally for their groundbreaking immersive multimedia sound installations and audio/video walks. Meet Ontario’s first Poet Laureate, Randell Adjei, who shares his perspective on meaningful art, self-expression and the impact of poetry on our collective future.

Within these pages and at sothebysrealty.ca, find out, through the experiences of some of our leading Realtors®, how the echo of the pandemic has been reshaping homes and neighbourhoods, even entire cities, nationwide. We provide you with privileged access to properties for sale that urge owners and investors to embrace what’s ahead.

Indeed, the future has arrived. With this edition of Insight — “The Future Issue” — we hope to inspire you to welcome it with optimism and renewed energy.



Don Kottick
President & CEO
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada


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