Toronto’s Bridle Path unveils a hidden gem – 30 High Point Rd, Toronto, ON – a testament to modern architecture nestled amidst secluded serenity. This exceptional residence, crafted by the visionary architect John C. Parkin, transcends ordinary living, offering a seamless blend of timeless design and progressive functionality.


A Visionary Canvas

Parkin’s brilliance imbues the Bridle Path home with unique character. The striking concrete walls, more than just a structural element, are a captivating work of art. Embedded with rose and white quartz, they age gracefully, strengthening and acquiring a subtle luminescence over time. This structure integrates flawlessly into the expansive 2.12-acre landscape. Strategic positioning ensures privacy, while a central four-story solarium bathes the interior in natural light.

Luxury Redefined

Step inside this Bridle Path marvel and prepare to be enveloped by a breathtaking panorama. Towering ceilings and expansive windows frame exquisite views, while a black granite bridge ushers you across a soaring atrium. Designed to cater to both grand-scale entertaining and intimate family moments, the 26,000 square feet of living space redefines luxury. Host lavish soirees with effortless ease, gather for an intimate concert beneath the atrium’s grandeur, or find solace in the tranquillity of the private Zen meditation garden.

Uncompromising Comfort

Beyond the undeniable grandeur characteristic of Bridle Path, lie havens of unparalleled comfort. Eight bedrooms, including a dedicated two-bedroom, two-bathroom housekeeper’s suite, provide ample and luxurious accommodation. A recreation room, complete with a catering kitchen, and a lower-level office ensures every need is effortlessly met. An elevator grants seamless access to all three floors, epitomizing the epitome of convenient living.

An Oasis in the Urban Jungle

Step outside and discover a sanctuary crafted by meticulous landscaping. Lush greenery, meticulously designed gardens, and sprawling lawns cultivate a profound sense of tranquility. Unwind by the pool, perfect your swing on the putting green, or simply admire the captivating vistas that grace every window.

A Coveted Address

The prestige of this estate extends far beyond its architectural marvel. Situated on a coveted, serene section of High Point Road, it boasts proximity to Toronto’s finest private schools, exclusive clubs, and upscale shopping destinations. Effortless access to both the airport and the financial district further elevates its desirability. The unparalleled combination of over 2 acres of private land and seamless urban integration is a true rarity.

This exceptional residence is more than a collection of bricks and mortar; it’s the statement piece of Bridle Path, a haven crafted for the discerning homeowner, and a treasure to be cherished for generations to come.

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