Nestled at the end of a meandering driveway, amidst the whispering forests of the Gaspereau Valley, lies 1937 White Rock – a unique home designed by world-renowned, Omar Gandhi. Not just as a dwelling but a sanctuary of solitude and peace, White Rock offers breathtaking views that soar above the tree line, providing a perfect backdrop for a retreat designed to disconnect and rejuvenate.

The journey to White Rock is a sensory experience designed to slow down time and immerse visitors in the natural beauty of its surroundings. A steep uphill drive and a tight hairpin turn transition to a gravel path, leading the final steps on foot. This approach, marked by a long, low dry-stacked stone wall and lush, untamed vegetation, sets the tone for a home that celebrates its intimate connection with the landscape. The design respects its woodland setting, capturing rainwater for irrigation and using the shade of existing trees to offer respite from the summer heat.

White Rock draws inspiration from the simplicity and camouflaged presence of traditional hunting cabins and duck blinds. The exterior’s understated form, with strategically placed openings, allows the home to blend seamlessly into its forest backdrop. Inside, the raw and minimalistic aesthetic continues. The entry reveals a world of smoked oak, raw steel, and industrial light fixtures, with large picture windows framing the dense forest beyond. The bathroom extends this communion with nature, featuring gray terracotta tiles, stainless steel fixtures, and a wall of glazing that dissolves the boundary between inside and out.

Ascending to the second floor unveils a space bathed in natural light, where a vast window and corten steel hoop offer panoramic views of the valley. This floor houses a cozy living area, with a wood-burning fireplace, carefully chosen furnishings, and a kitchen boasting sleek stainless steel and hidden appliances. The design, a collaboration with renowned designers and craftspeople, infuses the space with warmth and timelessness, reminiscent of Shaker and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

The rooftop, accessible via a corten steel hatch, is a hidden gem. It’s a secluded spot for dining or resting, surrounded by Japanese maples, with vistas that stretch across the Gaspereau Valley’s canopy. White Rock is not just a home; it’s an experience that celebrates solitude, craftsmanship, and an unbreakable bond with nature. It stands as a testament to the idea that true escape doesn’t mean leaving the world behind, but rather, finding a deeper connection to it.

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