The summer is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy your property. It’s also the best time of the year to make updates to your home. Any work that requires exposure to the elements is best undertaken when the temperatures rise and the weather outside is less likely to damage the interior of your home. If you’re thinking of upgrading your property, here are the best improvements to make during the warmer months.

Paint Your Home

Fresh paint at 2088 W 17th Avenue, Vancouver

Nothing makes a home look new faster than a fresh coat of paint. If the exterior of your house needs painting, or you’d like to change the colour, warm weather is the best time to do it. If you’re expecting guests during the summer, get the job done once the temperature warms up in spring so that visitors encounter a bright, reinvigorated dwelling.

If the entire house doesn’t need painting, simply changing the colour of the front door can give your home a new, more appealing look. Summer is also a fine time to have interior painting done, since you can keep the windows open for maximum ventilation.

Replace Your Windows

New windows are an upgrade that not only looks nice, but also makes your home more efficient. In cold weather, they retain heat better and minimize heating costs, and during the summer months they contain indoor coolness more effectively. Replacing windows in the winter could expose the interior of your home to rain or snow, so be sure to make the switch when it’s warm and dry outside.

Add a Skylight

Skylight at 5 - 120 Kestrel Place, Vernon

Bring more natural light into your home by adding a skylight. The room you choose will instantly become more inviting, and the extra light can reduce your energy use from artificial lighting. It’s ideal to install a skylight during warm weather.

Replace Your Roof

It makes the most sense to replace your roof in the summer. The work can’t be done in the winter, and it’s best not to have a roof replacement done in autumn or early spring, when temperatures can fluctuate rapidly. A roof replacement is also another upgrade that saves you money on heating and cooling bills.

Install a Deck

Patio at 856 Silvertip Heights, Canmore

Put in a deck or patio before summer begins and enjoy it for the rest of the season. Consider amenities such as built-in seating and planters. Choose high-end materials such as cedar, redwood, or tropical hardwoods. The latter are not only sturdy and beautiful, but resistant to termites and other pests.

Install a New Furnace

The last thing on your mind on a glorious summer day is the state of your furnace. However, if you’re thinking of replacing this essential item, summer is the time to do it. Contractors have more availability, and you won’t have to worry about an emergency breakdown when the temperature plunges.

Add Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting at 19 Summit Pointe, Heritage Pointe

Fall and spring are usually the top times for new plantings, but consider adding lighting accents to your landscaping during the summer. Subtle lighting accentuates your home’s beauty in the evening, while allowing easier navigation of walkways and driveways. Additionally, during the summer, the plants in your garden will be at their maximum growth, which will make it easier to place lighting in the right spaces.

The decorative updates you make to your home during summer can lift your spirits during gloomier parts of the year. The practical ones will help your dwelling conserve energy and create a greener lifestyle.

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