Erica Cook lives and loves style. Whether it is designing a space, putting together an outfit or creating a DIY project, everything she styles is gold. She got her start working with Sarah Richardson Design and has forayed into blogging and social media with her beautiful and successful site, Moth Design. Her love of fashion and all things beautiful shines through and definitely influences her home.

Erica’s home, in the Britannia neighbourhood of Calgary, is swathed in neutrals with punchy patterns and textures. Her favourite room of the home, the master bedroom, was designed exactly to her taste and desires. We can’t think of anything more picture perfect.

We sat down with Erica to discuss her real estate experiences and what she loves so much about her home:

1. Think back to the first place you lived in on your own, what were your walls decorated with?

EC: At that time I brought little with me so I put my own skills to work and painted oversized works for myself on plywood and canvas.

2. What did you love most about the first place you purchased?

EC: It was mine, no more paying rent and therefore someone else’s mortgage. My mother, a savvy business woman, raised me to understand the value of real estate and investment. My first purchase was a condo that had remained untouched since it had been built in the 70’s. I made it my own while honouring the integrity of the architecture and era. Erica Cook3. How would you describe your interior design style now?

EC: For myself I design with my family in mind. I want spaces to be aesthetically pleasing without being too precious so that my boys are at ease and I’m not concerned that something might be damaged or stained. For clients I’m known as a designer who strives to help discover their signature style; whatever that is, hone it and layer their homes with personal items that invoke memories. That makes the difference between a house and a home.Erica Cook4. What room do you spend the most time in now?

EC: I can never seem to get myself out of the kitchen. The adjoining family room is a space where everyone seems to congregate and I’m usually floating between the two. However, I’d have to say that the master bedroom is likely my favourite room because it’s the only space that has been designed specifically with my tastes in mind.Erica Cook5. What is the #1 feature you’d look for in your next home?

EC: I’m especially appreciative of a well-designed layout or floorplan that’s conducive to family living. An efficient and well-designed home is such a pleasure to live in especially if character has been worked in to and maintained in the plans.

6. What does your dream home look like?

EC: At this point I see in my mind something mid-century modern, perhaps in the hills and near water someplace. I feel like I’d enjoy making a space like that my own.

Erica’s favourite property on sothebysrealty.ca right now:

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Erica Cook is trained as an Interior Designer. She got her start working with Sarah Richardson Design in her private firm as well as on her HGTV shows, Design Inc. and Sarah’s House. Erica also ventured into blogging and social media in 2010. She established her site, Moth Design, and has since become known as a lifestyle and entertaining expert as well as a source for simple and stylish DIY projects. She’s worked as a brand representative for Coca Cola and Home Depot, and is also the Lead Interior Stylist/Columnist at Dote Magazine. In her spare time she enjoys painting, cooking and gardening. She currently resides in Calgary with her 5 boys and her adorable pup Molly.

Visit Moth-Design.com or follow @ECMothDesign on Twitter, @Erica.Cook on Instagram, @EricaCookDesign on Pinterest and @MothDesign on Facebook for more information.

Photography by Cheryl Wallach, Freelance Photographer. Visit http://www.cherylwallachphotography.com or follow @CherylWallachPhotography on Facebook for more information.

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