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您专属的房产买卖投资师 – 林娇 (Vivian)

自地产专业毕业后, Vivian 从2001年从事地产行业有十几个年头了。拥有与不同的买家,卖家,开发商,投资者合作及引领本地市场营销和广告公司的经验, 她了解并洞悉市场不同层面消费者的需求。在数以千计的房产交易中, 客户高度评价了她对市场和投资方面独特的前瞻性,以及她专业真诚的客服和对客户需求的尽心尽力。

随着网络的信息流通, 购买,销售及投资房产变得越来越容易和便捷,很多信息甚至是免费的。问题是,每一个服务行业提供给您的信息是建立在是否您会选择他们产品的既得利益之上。比如说,银行房贷经理希望您选择他们的房贷按揭服务;房屋建筑商希望您购买他们开发的房产等等。所以您可能永远不会知道,您搜集到的所有关于房产的信息是否给您带来最大的投资居住回报率,这是商业的本质,并没有对错之分。您在大量的信息中,只要正确判断是谁提供给您的信息和原因,它是否符合您目前的投资和生活需求就是一个很好的开始。

Vivian这次选择加拿大苏富比国际地产公司她就是希望在地产领域里,提供给客户更多更及时的国际资讯, 和系统化的高端服务。Vivian也衷心希望她的语言优势可以真正帮到那些有真需要和有共识的朋友,希望中国人对家的感受可以从她的服务中感受的淋漓尽致。



特产: 别墅, 投资者, 新住宅/施工前

语言: 英文和中文



  • "Vivian is a professional and very knowledgeable in her work and has provided amazing support and guidance throughout the process of selling my home in a very short time. She is precise, confident and dedicated extra time to help out ...

    - Boon Kwen, Burnaby

  • “Just a short note to say thank you for a job well done on the sale of my recent listing. It's the second deal I have worked with you, and the quality of work is consistently top notch. I appreciate ...

    - T. Nguyen/ Vancouver

  • "Vivian was very professional in helping me purchase my presale condo a few years ago, that when it came time to downsize after the condo was built, I approached her to help me sell my house. She did lots of ...

    - B. Chow - Burnaby (January 2018)

  • "Vivian is definitely a trustworthy professional who really knows the business and cares about her clients. She helps us on our buying in every aspect and we can't be happier of having her." -Shu Jiang (2018.11) Proudly presented ...

    - Shu Jiang/North Vancouver, B.C.

  • "It was a delight working with you for the sake of our Van condo. You made the process easy and painless. We like the fact that you are so responsive to us and make everything go so smoothly. We ...

    - Y. Ng - February 2018/Vancouver

  • "From the very first day I met Vivian she was very professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market. This make our selection very easy. Thank you Vivian." -B & D Parker ( 2019.4) Proudly Presented ...

    - B. & D. Parker/Richmond

  • "Vivian is a very responsible, caring and yet professional realtor. She offers us spot on market analysis, provides professional advice and at the same time very compassionate. We were out of the country when our house was for sale. Vivian ...

    - Wang/West Vancouver

  • Vivian has provided such excellent support and professional guidance throughout the process of selling and buying homes for me in a very timely manner. She is very professional, genuine, kind, caring and confident. And she is ...

    - J. Jin

  • Vivian helped us sell our home in a very short time with minimal effort on our part. It’s hard to imagine how a selling experience could be any better. We gave her difficult parameters to work with and ...

    - D. King/Vancouver

  • "Are you looking for an agent who exceeds expectations? If so, we highly recommend Vivian Lin! Vivian's optimism, tenacity, enthusiasm helped Matt find a condo in a very tough limited market. When it came to negotiating she fought like a ...

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