Tony Cikes


通过这种积极的态度以及卓越的谈判技巧和卓越的营销策略,托尼资格MLS勋章俱乐部12年和计数。飞龙再生俱乐部承认所有大温哥华房地产经纪人的基础上售出的房屋数量的10% 。
有了彻底的真正的房地产购买过程知识,托尼有一个高效的“买方的系统” ,负责帮助他的客户购买他们的家快34% ,节省了他们在三周的时间和关闭的要价超过3.26 %时,相比市场平均统计。
当谈到时间出售房地产资产,托尼是关注您的需求,并利用他出色的人际沟通技巧与创意营销。他的公司的支持系统可以让他实现一个行之有效的计划,以结果为导向,达到了2.8 %,高于平均销售价格,实现了一个成功的销售,比市场平均水平快53% 。

特产: 公寓, 单户住宅, 联排别墅

语言: English, Croatian



  • Thank you so much for your expertise & guidance. You made our home selling experience so easy! All we had to do was follow ...

    - Chad and Kelly, Kitsilano Vancouver

  • We have bought and sold 15 properties over the past 40 years. Tony ranks in the top 3 of brokers to assist us. Tony does ...

    - Glen, Vancouver East

  • Thank you Tony for your hard work, and all those times you had to drop what you were doing to drive out to Maple Ridge. ...

    - Robert, Maple Ridge

  • Thank you so much for helping us find an awesome place! We really appreciated your patience and going the extra mile for us!!!

    - Chris & Val, West End Vancouver

  • Tony was extremely professional and responsive during my condo search and purchase and went above and beyond to ensure that I found the right home. ...

    - Michele, Kitsilano Vancouver

  • Tony Cikes professional service was above and beyond wrapped up in a very personable caring realtor who is out there for his clients' well being. ...

    - Ken & Doug, White Rock

  • Tony is precise in communicating information, consistent, trustworthy. A great person to work with!

    - Shah, White Rock

  • I happily tell everyone that if they need a great Real Estate Agent, I know just the person, Tony Cikes!

    - Brigitte, Vancouver

  • Sold our home in 3 days with multiple offers and more than what our asking price was! Very professional and highly trusted with excellent ...

    - Jay & Jocelyn, Vancouver

  • Tony is the best agent we have ever dealt with. He is kind, honest, reliable, forthright, attentive to detail, well prepared and a real professional. ...

    - Una & Marko, West Vancouver

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    Tony Cikes


    办公室电话: 604.922.6995
    国外免费: 877.236.8800
    传真机: 604.922.6289

    235 15th Street, Suite 200,
    West Vancouver, V7T 2X1


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