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The Butterfly

The Butterfly - by Westbank
1019 Nelson Street
开发商: Westbank Corp
  • 331公寓
  • 2023已完成
  • 价格最低$3,508,900

We have called this project the Butterfly, in honour of the title architect Bing Thom came up with for the concept.

We asked architect Bing Thom for pure light, fluidity and a place that could hold within a connection to nature while connecting us to each other. What he gave us will become a defining presence on the Vancouver skyline, as light and ephemeral as it is distinct. The Butterfly returns to the fundamentals of nature, using natural light, natural ventilation and natural forms.

Curved glass expands your horizons as far as the eye can see, allowing natural light to flood into your home and shadows scatter, creating ever-changing scenes. Sculptural, concrete forms create a façade of waving clouds. Open-air breezeways allow sunlight and stars to shine through. Every third floor holds a tree, part of your interior garden. Your dining table emerges organically from the kitchen counter, as a gentle curving form. Pure white floors, ceilings and glass walls, dissolve structural confines creating the sensation of continuous space and a beautiful state of permanent motion.



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