Anne Gascon

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Anne Gascon distinguished by outstanding professionalism for over twenty-five years in the field of Real Estate property sale, She was invited by Sotheby's to integrate its elite team. She embodies core values: excellence, elegance, courtesy and efficiency.

Her extensive experience enables her to accurately assess the market value of a property. She herself was a developer and manager of real estate properties she has processed and resold, which involved in-depth knowledge of the workings of the industry.

Anne knows how to optimize the sales conditions of homes for them to be concluded as soon as possible and at the best price, Thanks to her negotiator extraordinary talent.

A keen sense of listening leads to grasp the specific needs of her customers and find powerful arguments that lead to the conclusion of transactions. This particular ability is based on her academic training in counseling , making her an exceptional agent.

Woman of taste and on top of trends and aesthetic details, Anne is able to provide valuable advice to make property's more competitive.

Recognizing the value of client’s precious time, Anne carefully assesses the expectations of buyers to adequately filter home visits and maximize the impact.

Hardworking, willing and determined, Anne Gascon has often had the pleasure to put her expertise for two and sometimes three generations of one family. Knowing from experience that they can rely on her skills and dedication, the loyalty testifies to the great satisfaction of her customers.

Languages: French, English

语言: French, English


Anne Gascon

514.592 5520

办公室电话: 514.287.7434
传真机: 514.273.7809

1430 rue Sherbrooke Ouest,
Montréal, H3G 1K4


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