The start of a new year is a moment for us to set new goals, and, for many people, find new ways to move. Fitness resolutions are one of the most common new year resolutions made each year. When the mood to move strikes, there’s a lot to be said for the luxury of working out in the privacy of your own home. Here are some gym essentials to consider incorporating into your home gym that will help you stay on track with your goals.

Natural Sunlight and a View

Simulate the outdoors, indoors with large windows exposing the sunshine and environment surrounding your home. For those who struggle with starting their workout routine, the natural light does its part to make the room more inviting. This is a design detail for those who prefer working out indoors, but still want to enjoy natural sunshine. The natural vitamin D you’ll absorb from the sun is an added benefit to the endorphins you’ll build up while working out. You’ll be in extra need of this during the winter months when the days get shorter and nights get longer.

Audio and Visual Entertainment Systems 

If you struggle with staying motivated while on the stationary bike or treadmill, then set yourself up with audio or visual equipment to keep yourself entertained. The right audio system will enhance how you listen to your curated workout playlist while TVs are great for keeping you distracted if your primary thought is to get off the machine. One of the luxuries of working out from home is the ability to play your own music, movies, or shows whenever you want, as loud as you want.


Mirrors are important during your workout for multiple reasons. Not only do they brighten your space and make it look larger, but mirrors are also known for helping people improve their form and boosting motivation. These are the primary reasons why fitness studios have mirrored walls. Maintaining proper form, alignment and posture are important for an effective workout and for reducing your risk of injury, and the only way to do this is to observe yourself in the mirror. As you observe your form and alignment, you’re also able to measure and consistently gauge your progress – boosting motivation to keep going.

Post-Workout Space

While it’s important to do your pre-workout routines, such as stretches and warm-ups, you can’t forget your post-workout care either. Post-workout routines don’t just involve your stretches and cool-downs, incorporate cool showers, massages, saunas or steam rooms. Post-workout massages help reduce muscle soreness and reduce your recovery time by stimulating cell recovery, while some research has shown that saunas and exposure to heat can help blood vessels expand, thus improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. Whatever you choose to do post-workout, be sure to hydrate.


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