As the blue and white tints of winter finally clear, shades of spring can be found rousing from hibernation. Out with heavy drapes and slate greys, and in with a fresh palette of Cinque Terre pastels, statement touches, and a seamless blend of country chic meets modern world.

Your space should evolve with the season. What softens the blow of winter winds and early evenings may hamper the enjoyment of those fresh yellow and green blossoms. So get ready with these home décor trends for spring.

Pistachio & Cream

Crips pastels and ice-cream shades are once again melting into our world and offer a cool freshness when used sparingly. Drown out darker hues with clotted creams, but don’t be afraid to lift the scene with a pop of pistachio green, lemon sherbet, or bougainvillea pink. The trick for this spring trend is to hint rather than overload—carving out the space to inhale before the blaze of summer sets in.


Step away from safe pastels and into the wild side, Pantone’s 2018 pick for colour of the year is one for the bold. Ultraviolet is vibrant and unapologetic. To be sure, this eye-popping violet demands a certain joie de vivre upon application. But, as they say, the greatest rewards come to those who take biggest risks.

As this Montreal condo shows, you needn’t shy away from pops of vibrant colour. Bold purples play well with other equally daring shades, especially in the form of sculpture or one-of-a-kind artisanal furnishings.

Fabulous Foliage

Of course, ultraviolet isn’t the shade for everyone. And for those who prefer sleek greys and chalky whites—brighter moments can still be found by inviting the outdoors in with ample foliage. 

This offers that coveted, Contempo-tropical look and a breath of fresh air. And remember, larger greens offer bigger statements, making mother nature pop when you place houseplants against a scene of stripped back wood, natural stone, sand and greys.

Statement Kitchens

While white zen-inspiring kitchens certainly provide surrealist spaces to get creative, this year, statement kitchens are about to stage their comeback. 

Whether overwrought and fussy or farmhouse chic, country kitchens don’t have to look dated; add contemporary touches with pendant lighting, hints of steel, and splashy subway tiles. You can also add accents in the form of appliances, thoughtful ornamentation, or even the clever use of untraditional receptacles as homes for a fresh bouquet.

A Hint of Chintz

Spring sets the stage for playfulness in design and spirit, and what better way to celebrate than with fabric feature walls, plush pillows, and hints of the English countryside? Cotton chintz is brought into the season via lighter duck-egg blues. Give velvet a fresh spin with careful colour choice and upholstery.

A recurring theme for this year is to step outside boundaries and take chances when it comes to your spring designs. After all, a home is far from a stagnant thing—it should adapt as the seasons change and create a fresh, inspiring place to start each day.

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