Shandel Hache

Sales Representative & Client Care Manager to Daena Allen-Noxon Team416.960.9995

Shandel’s Passion for real estate started at a young age. When her parents sold her childhood home it was a big deal for her and her family, however she did not feel it was treated as such. As she matured the sentiment stayed with her. The purchase and sale of a home was emotional and significant in a persons’ life and she wanted to be the type of agent a client could trust and rely on through their real estate journey.

As a young agent starting out in the bustling Toronto Real Estate market, Shandel found the best way to gain experience and knowledge was to Join an experienced and successful team. Her organizational skills, creativity, strategic thinking and personable demeanor helped her find a position with a top luxury real estate agent in one of Toronto’s leading Luxury Real Estate offices as a Sales Representative and Client Care Manager.

Shandel joined the Daena Allen-Noxon team in 2012 and has since proven to be a valuable asset. She is the friendly voice who assists you with your questions or are in need of administrative support, ensuring that the teams clients are consistently and coherently feeling valued, organized and taken care of. Shandel’s instinctive desire and ability to help people, combined with her comprehensive knowledge of Real Estate and administration has enabled her to work providing clients with excellent care. Her greatest assets include patience, strong ability to listen and understand, client education and support.

Shandel Hache

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