Polly Cordwell

Managing Broker | Greater Vancouver


Office Phone: 604.632.3300
Toll Free: 1.877.236.8800
Fax: 604.608.0330
Suite 210 - 858 Beatty Street,
Vancouver, V6B 1C1
Polly Cordwell

Polly Cordwell

Polly Cordwell has worked in the real estate industry for over 13 years. After graduating from the real estate option of the Marketing Management program at BCIT, she started in residential development working for Onni Group of Companies. She quickly advanced within the company and moved into the project marketing industry. She was one of the initial team members at MAC Marketing Solutions and helped shape their business to what it is today.
At MAC, Polly developed a keen interest in contracts and legal matters, working closely with the managing broker to ensure the organization was in good legal standing and that their project and resale agents had guidance on all contracts and legal matters. From MAC, Polly moved to Pilothouse Real Estate where she obtained her broker’s licence and became the managing broker. Polly worked closely with the owners on all legal matters as well as development and execution of their marketing campaigns. After Pilothouse, Polly moved to Key Marketing where she continued as their managing broker, overseeing all project marketing, re-sales and property management initiatives.
In her time as a managing broker, Polly has been responsible for thousands of real estate transactions. Her experience and attention to detail have saved her clients thousands of dollars in legal fees by mitigating risk and avoiding errors.

Languages: English

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