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Why live in Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs?

Verdun is a borough of the city of Montreal that also includes Nuns’ Island (île des Sœurs). Situated along the St. Lawrence River in the southwestern part of the Island of Montreal, Verdun has a population of roughly 66,000 and covers approximately 10 square km. Founded in 1671, and with archaeological records indicating the presence of Aboriginal people dating back 4,000 years, Verdun is one of Canada’s oldest cities. Today, Verdun is mostly residential with some commercial areas that include shops, restaurants and cafes.

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Verdun is a growing neighbourhood, with the number of homeowners in the region increasing by nearly 20% between 2001 and 2009. The borough is ideal for young families — 30% of its households currently include children — who can enjoy the area’s 45 parks, ample community gardens, swimming pools, libraries, cultural centres, skating rinks and tennis courts. Verdun is widely recognized for its active community life, with many residents socializing on the many playgrounds, bicycle paths, and abundant green space.

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111 Ch. de la Pointe-Nord, Apt. 718,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


300 Av. des Sommets, Apt. PH2-2,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


30 Rue Berlioz, Apt. 703,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


90 Rue Berlioz, Apt. 1802,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


120 Rue Ferland, Apt. 6A,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


4400 Boul. Champlain, Apt. 313,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs


100 Rue André-Prévost, Apt. 1304,
Verdun / Île-des-Soeurs

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