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Cosmopolitan Montreal is a cultural kaleidoscope combining French-Canadian joie de vivre, European charm, North American innovation, and the influence of over 80 ethnic communities into one of the most fascinating urban cultures in the world. Deemed "Canada's Cultural Capital" by Monocle Magazine (2007) and named a UNESCO City of Design, Montreal’s energy comes alive in its unique neighbourhoods and in a real estate market that has captured attention and investment locally, nationally and internationally.

Multi-faceted and multicultural, the city of Montreal is a cosmopolitan commercial and cultural hub. The city is consistently ranked within North America’s top five most livable cities (Mercer Quality of Living Survey #4 in North America, 2010), and is ranked 34th globally out of 289 cities for innovation in the Innovation Cities Index by 2thinknow (2010). It has been named one of only three design capitals in the world (UNESCO, 2006). Montreal is also a commercial capital with global influence in aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, higher education, tourism, film and world affairs.

Its dynamic array of influences and cultures — from its Gallic roots to its French traditions, to its injections of over 80 international cultures from around the world — come alive in its 19 colourful boroughs, which are subdivided into countless neighbourhoods with unique subcultural influences and architectural flair. There are neighbourhoods like iconic Old Montreal, known for its cobblestone streets and numerous historic homes and buildings that have been converted into lofts and luxury apartments. There’s Westmount, which is home to century-old greystone buildings and some of the most prestigious homes in Quebec. There’s Plateau Mont-Royal, a trendy multicultural neighbourhood with brightly-coloured rowhouses, duplexes and a growing number of condos. And there are all the neighbourhoods in between, all accented by lively festivals, fashionable boutiques, pedestrian walkways and famed nightlife that make Montreal unique.

In a city that sparkles with architectural gems, our Montreal real estate experts can help you discover your ideal home in Canada’s cultural capital, whether you are seeking to relocate from across the world, or from across the city you have long called home.

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