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Maple Ridge real estate is part of a lively city with a rich heritage, located approximately 40 km east of Vancouver, on the Western edge of the majestic Fraser Valley. This enchanting city offers idyllic tree-lined residential streets and a charming close-knit community, all less than an hour away from downtown Vancouver.

The history of Maple Ridge is extensive, with the area’s first Indigenous inhabitants, the Halkomelem Nation, dating back over 1,000 years. British migration to the area began with the arrival of Captain James McMillan of the Hudson Bay Company in 1824. Today, visitors can admire many artifacts from Maple Ridge’s fascinating history at the Maple Ridge Museum, which is housed in an enchanting heritage home that once belonged to Thomas Haney, one of the area’s earliest British settlers.

Known for an abundant agritourism industry, Maple Ridge is a prime destination for bird watching, horseback riding, and more, and is home to a number of impressive farms and ranches. With the magnificent Fraser River running through the heart of Maple Ridge, along with its two local fish hatcheries, the area is considered B.C.’s finest fishing destinations as well.

A popular spot among avid hikers and bikers, Maple Ridge offers an impressive network of over 100 km of trails. The Golden Ears Provincial Park, one of B.C.’s largest parks, has over 50 km of trails, and is home to the picturesque Alouette Lake. The Kanaka Creek Regional Park features breathtaking waterfalls, the 5,000+ hectare Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, and several charming neighborhood gardens that are open to the community.

Maple Ridge is home to several unique shopping districts, such as the quaint 224 Street, which features boutiques and artisan shops, along with its ACT Arts Centre, which hosts a variety of dance and music performances, and courses and workshops for those of all ages in visual arts, dance, music, and theatre. The city’s Town Centre is a pedestrian-friendly area known for vibrant shops, entertainment, and recreation, and is host to some of the area’s most exciting festivals and events.

With a growing food and beverage industry, the city is an exciting destination for sampling a variety of bistros, gastropubs, breweries, cafes, and food trucks offering cuisines spanning from Mexican, to Italian, Portuguese, Balkan, and more. Maple Ridge is a nightlife hotspot as well, offering an impressive array of bars, pubs, and nightclubs.

Maple Ridge homes can be sprawling and modern, cozy farmhouse style ranches, deluxe townhouse communities and more. With plenty of exciting real estate options in this sought-after market. Connect with one of our specialized real estate agents to find out more about opportunities and market conditions in Maple Ridge.

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