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Why is Allan Consky a real estate agent with the enviable track record of selling almost a billion dollars worth of real estate in Toronto? Perhaps it was his degree in architecture that originally helped set him apart from the competition with his ability to give his clients insight into the world of real estate through an architect's eye. Over the years however, a vast skill set emerged that continually set Allan at the forefront of the industry. An industry where knowledge and experience are the most valuable assets a realtor can have. Decades of experience have given Allan the ability to strategize with conviction, share in detail which steps a client should consider and act on, and why.

It is no surprise that Allan is now a senior vice president of sales at Sotheby's International Realty Canada. When asking Allan his greatest secret to his success after 39 years he shares "loyalty to my clients and always putting their interests and needs before my own.” Doing excellent work for his clients has helped Allan build his business one client at a time. He is not into mass marketing, but believes strongly in the honesty and integrity of taking a detailed approach to each and every client’s needs with full and patient attention, in order to help them achieve the best possible result. Now with over 39 years in the real estate industry Allan says that it has been a truly enjoyable and purposeful lifetime of work having had a profound and positive effect on the direction of his many client’s lives.

Year Team Was Formed 2021

Service Areas Greater Toronto Area (Ontario), Halton (Ontario), Toronto (Greater Toronto Area), York (Southwestern Ontario)

Languages Cantonese / Yue Chinese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog


Allan Consky - Sales Representative & Senior Vice President, Sales
Sales Representative & Senior Vice President, Sales

Allan Consky Group

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