Ted A. Halama

Real Estate Representative


Cell : 604.723.1177
Bureau : 604.922.6995
Fax : 604.922.6289
235 15th Street, Suite 200,
West Vancouver, V7T 2X1
Ted A. Halama

Ted A. Halama

Ted brings to his Sotheby's clients the benefits of a professional sales portfolio garnered by over twenty seven years of business travel throughout North America.

"I have practiced the Art of Buying and Selling, a skill set which can be taught, but ultimately must be learned and essentially can only be aquired by having many diverse business experiences."

Ted's business experiences in sales and marketing took him from Anchorage to Orlando, from Pebble Beach to Montreal and he is now very happy to be grounded in West Vancouver.

Ted aspires to offer his Sotheby's clients a superior level of Old School Professionalism, knowledgeable service, the sales and negotiating skills which he honed over a lifetime of customer service and a pinch of compassion and empathy when required.

"OSP, now there's something that even an MBA Program can't bestow upon a graduate"

Ted has studied at Ryerson Polytechnical School, University of Toronto, The Banff Centre, School of Business, and UBC Sauder School of Business, RETSC.

Langue(s): English


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