Javad Dolatyar

Cell : 604.781.7977
Bureau : 604.922.6995
Fax : 604.922.6289
235 15th Street, Suite 200,
West Vancouver, V7T 2X1
Javad Dolatyar

Javad Dolatyar

As a Professional Civil Engineer, and Realtor, this is a brief review of my work experience and background:

- As a builder and developer I have used real-estate professionalism and my own civil engineering background. as a broker, I was engaged in the listing and selling of residential properties including: single -family homes, condominiums, and commercial properties as income -producing properties used by business either as offices or as retail or service facilities.

As a project manager,s role I have controlled over the work process and the costs associated with that work including:

- Construction engineering. the proper technique of assembling materials, components, equipment, and systems.
- Management of the construction process. establishing the best way to implement the construction process, which would include proper scheduling and coordination and control of the flow of labor, materials, and equipment to the job site.
- Human resources management. control over human resources for labor productivity and a harmonious working environment.
- Financial management. Control over costs, cash flow, and adequate project funding as essential parts of any business endeavor, and construction is no exception.

As a successful project manager, I considered the following criteria:

- The project is completed on time.
- The final project cost is within the budget.
- The quality levels anticipated have been achieved.
- The project has been completed with no outstanding claims or disputes.

My role as a project manager, is to effectively orchestrate, guide, and control the construction process.

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