Jaime Bonk

Jaime Bonk, REALTOR


Cell : 403.613.2877
Bureau : 403.254.5315
Fax : 403.244.5315
290, 815-17th Ave SW,
Calgary, T2T 0A1


Jaime Bonk

Jaime Bonk

Jaime applies the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui in addition to traditional REALTOR services. With the use of dowsing rods the energy in your home can be measured then raised by blocking incoming stress/interference lines with copper sticks placed at the perimeter of your home. Living in a high energy stress free home improves results in all areas of life. Higher Energy = Higher Thinking = Higher Results "Imagination is EVERYTHING is Energy"



  • "Jaime, I just wanted to thank you again for an excellent job today. You really stepped up in a manner unlike any realtor I've met. I can guarantee you will succeed, because you'll do what is required to ensure it. I love seeing people like you, just going after life. Nice work." - G
  • "I'll say this about Jamie
    She one heck of a sales person very positive out going I would not hesitate to get this lady to sell my place." - KH
    Calgary, AB
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