Leslie McConnell

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3164 Edgemont Boulevard,
North Vancouver, V7R 2N9
Leslie McConnell

Leslie McConnell

What attracted Leslie to real estate was the fact that in order to fulfill her clients’ needs she must draw on the balanced strengths of mathematics and creativity. The profession requires her to be analytical in considering the current value of each property, but also creative in the execution of a successful listing, or in visualizing a home’s transformation for a new owner.

Looking at her background, one can see she has been incorporating the capacity for both skill sets for many years. Unsure which direction to take during university, Leslie graduated with an English Honours degree from the University of Toronto, feeding her creative spirit with the greatest English authors of all time. During the summers she took the Canadian Securities Course, the Canadian Options Course and two years of Chartered Financial Analyst for her enjoyment of analytics.

After a number of years in the investment business, Leslie chose to own and run a successful tile business in Vancouver for over ten years. This brought her back to the wonderful balance of mathematics and creativity that she loves. Buying and renovating a number of homes in the Toronto area led to her passion for the individuality of a home. As things evolved, she discovered that real estate could feed both elements of her business strengths.

Whether it’s the comparative market analysis, the execution of her systematic process to preparing a home to list, designing a marketing strategy for each individual home, or helping clients see how they could transform a space into their own unique style, Leslie loves it all. She offers a calm, systematic yet creative approach to real estate. By implementing a set listing or buying procedure along with a little creativity, the experience is professional, attentive and kind, and clients become friends. It’s also that personal element that Leslie loves. Each experience allows her to instil, one client at a time, that
“Les is more.”

Languages: English

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